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Practice Keyboard Lease

For a long time it has been very difficult, and very costly, for individuals to have a practice keyboard readily available at home. Most of the time students rely on access to practice keyboards belonging to carillon owners, be it Universities, Churches or other entities. Access to those keyboards is usually limited and often restricted, based upon local security policies. We want to make it easier and less costly for students to have access to their own practice keyboard at home.
With this in mind we approached Chime Master from Lancaster, OH, and they have designed a special lease rate for their digital practice keyboards, only for registered students of the NACS. The rates are similar to rental rates for pianos and other instruments. Below please find a link to a form with the specifics of the terms and requirements.

We owe Chime Master a lot of thanks for this very generous offer. We hope that more and more carillon students will take advantage of this great opportunity, and be able to benefit from having a practice keyboard at their disposal.