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"Campanology/Carillon History" Syllabus

In the Campanology course, there are four main goals that apply both the the proficiency and the advanced level:

1) Knowing enough about the carillon and its history so that you can describe its history to a layman, including how it is different from a chime, a change-ringing peal, or a Russian zvon. 

2) Understanding the series of partials in a carillon bell, including a rough understanding of how the bell is tuned, and why those particular partials are used. 

3) Knowing the "anatomy" of the carillon well enough to have a good understanding of what is happening in the instrument when you play. (This includes knowing all the major parts of the instrument as well as several basic types of action.) 

4) Understanding the workings of a carillon well enough so that you know what to request when the carillon needs to be serviced, including some idea of how to fix common problems. 

At the advanced level, all of the above is included, along with the following:

5) Gain an overall understanding of the evolution of the bell itself, from ancient times to the early baroque. 

6) Become familiar with considerations a carillonneur should know in order to consult on a new instrument or on a renovation. 

This course is usually taken via Skype

101 Section (Required for Proficiency Certificate) expected cost      $ 360
Full Course (Required for Performance Diploma) expected cost    $ 420


"The Marketing and Promotion of the Carillon" Syllabus


This on-line course was designed to help carillon players find work playing the carillon, and to transform them from musicians to business people to insure their success.

Colleges and Universities have Career Development Departments designed to help students find work in ther respective fields of study. The North American Carillon School is the first carillon school to offer a course to help students apply their knowledge to obtain and succeed in a carillon position.

The course consists of ten chapters with assignments. Each chapter brings them closer to understanding their role as carillon player and manager of carillon affairs and the tools necessary to achieve long term success. The course is taught by Frank DellaPenna, graduate of the French Carillon School, and creator of Cast in Bronze, a musical act featuring the carillon. His experience as a carillon player, entertainer, and businessman offers insights into the business principles related to the carillon world and its future.  

This course can be completed via email.

Expected course cost $ 320


"Arranging for Carillon" Syllabus


This course makes students aware of the specific acoustical features of a carillon and is geared towards creating a score for the instrument. It will guide students in making arrangements/adaptations of:

1. Hymns

2. Works orginally composed for other solo instruments

3. Works for voice with accompaniment

4. Popular music

5. Works for multiple instruments (Orchestra)

This course can be completed via email.

Expected course cost $ 300


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